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Let nature grow in your home

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Author: Lois Kingscott, Posted: Thursday, 23rd August 2018, 09:00

As we start to head towards autumn and winter, the idea of gardening in cold and wet conditions may not be particularly appealing. There is, however, a way to overcome this – bring your garden indoors.

There are many benefits of introducing plants to your home, and it doesn’t have to cost the earth. Whatever your budget, timeframe or experience, you can make your home plant friendly with relative ease.


A vase of fresh flowers is a simple way to give an instant burst of colour to any room in your house. Whether you coordinate the flowers with your interior colours, or simply opt for your favourite bunch, they’re sure to keep the rooms in your home bright as we head into the darker months of the year.

If buying a bunch of flowers every week is out of your budget, why not opt for artificial flowers instead? They require little maintenance and can be displayed for however long you wish. Some look so authentic, your guests may have difficulty deciding if they’re real or not! Try rotating your flowers between rooms every month or so as an easy way to keep your interiors fresh, with no additional cost.

Mental Health

We’re all aware of the positive feeling we get after spending time in nature – whether that’s a walk in the countryside or a stroll along the beach. Plants do wonders for our mental health, so it’s only right that we should dot them around the house, especially the rooms in which we spend most of our time.

Studies have shown that as well as purifying the air in our homes, houseplants can increase positive feelings and reduce sadness, anxiety and stress. They enhance feelings of calm, and have been found to improve our focus and productivity – great for people who work from home.

Those of you who don’t have regular access to a garden or green space of your own could significantly benefit from introducing plants, flowers or even a mini herb garden to your interiors.

Green Fingers

If you simply can’t live without a bit of gardening in your life, having houseplants can help to keep that connection to the outside world. You can make it as simple or complicated as you like – there are houseplants out there for all abilities, so don’t be scared if you’re not naturally gifted with green fingers.

If you’re a gardening novice, start with one plant in one room and go from there. If you’re well-practised in the art of horticulture, you can be a little more adventurous. The Royal Horticultural Society has a great guide for choosing the right plant(s) for your home on their website ( – it’s called ‘Houseplants: choosing the best’.

Remember, we’re not trying to recreate Jumanji in our homes – you don’t want plants to take over your property and your life! Even a small addition of green to your interiors can go a long way.

Please note that some plants are toxic to pets (and humans), so a little research before purchasing is advised.

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