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Author: Jade Wilce, Posted: Wednesday, 25th July 2018, 09:00

It’s the time of year when many of us are off enjoying our well-deserved summer holidays; whether that’s basking in the sunshine on the beach or exploring a new city. What we see, experience and where we stay on our breaks all have an increasing influence on our own homes. We want to add souvenirs and memories from far flung destinations and often want to recreate that beautiful relaxed mood from our time off.

However, this is not about recreating that Grecian villa in Gloucestershire, but we can take local colours, crafts and materials and reinterpret them into our own homes. New destinations allow for new inspiration and bringing a few interior design tricks and tips to our home to transport us back to those wonderful memories.

Sunshine Interiors

Plants, white washed walls and bursts of colour are what make the Mediterranean one of our favourite holiday destinations (not to mention the glorious sun, beautiful food and turquoise sea). But how do we add the Med feel into our interiors?

Plants are a great way to achieve this. Olive and citrus trees do well inside and out when the weather is sunny here, but bring them in over winter. You could also store lots of fresh herbs, such as thyme, basil and rosemary, on the kitchen counter for a beautiful Med scented room.

Mediterranean interiors have lots of rustic wooden pieces in lighter woods or whitewashed, jute floor rugs and wicker baskets repurposed as light shades or plant holders. These textures have a warm feel to them and can be picked up easily in thrift shops or on our holidays!

We love the Med because of the beautiful combination of crisp whites contrasted by pops of colour; whether it’s the bright blue of Santorini, lush turquoise of Mykonos, or terracotta tones of Spain, add these bold colours against your own furniture. Use cushions, throws, curtains or even painted plant pots to liven up your space with a Mediterranean vibe.

City Interiors

Whilst the beach and sea might not be for every one, you can still take inspiration from city breaks too, and a city always looks its best in the sunshine. Monochrome, pattern, photography, sleek accessories and surfaces can help bring the glamour and wonder of a city back to your home.

Black and white photographs framed in black scream sleek city interiors. Use your own favourite photos of your city visits, give them the monochrome treatment and blow them up ready for printing. Hang a collection of different cities on a gallery wall to remember your adventures.

Metallics in silver, copper and gold, and sleek surfaces show off that city chic so try adding metallic vases or interesting objects to your interiors, either on shelves or surfaces. When it comes to metallic remember that small touches go a long way.

We all know that cities are super styled and there is no better way to show off your city chic style than on your coffee table or sideboard. Layer stacks of oversized books, and add oddities or artefacts from your travels to showcase your city adventures. Embrace bold colours and graphic patterns too for a real statement.

However you bring your holiday back home, show it off, enjoy and remember those wonderful holiday memories!

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