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Quick lighting solutions

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Author: Caron Burrows, Posted: Sunday, 24th July 2016, 08:00

There is so much to consider when renovating a home. Is there enough money in the budget to hire an electrician? At times it’s easy to forget certain final touches. Once the paint has dried and the carpets are laid, fitting lighting simply isn’t an option. Another solution is to invest in stylish wall lights and lamps that don’t need a professional to fit, and that can be fitted pretty much anywhere and whenever you need them.

Clip-on lights
Clip-on lights are a brilliant solution if you are renting. They do not cause any disruption to walls and decoration – wall lights can be easily secured to your chosen shelving. This solution means you don’t have to chase in any permanent electrical cables, hence no mess and easy to alter if the room is likely to change function or layout a few years down the line. Choose shelving and lights in the same colour to enhance the feature.

Wires as a feature
Lampshades are not the only decorative feature of a clip-on light that can be used. These days, exposed wiring – especially colourful flex – along with exposed bulbs are perfect for plugging in and attaching to a hook wherever you fancy. A quick and effective way to provide an industrial look.

String up some fairy lights
Probably the most obvious and simplest way to add effective light to your project is a single string of fairy lights. They can transform a boring wall in seconds and with very little effort or cost – no expensive or disruptive work required. Simply tack a set of white or multi-coloured lights around a wall, window or door frame and that’s job done! Fairy lights placed around a mirror is a great way to bounce the light off other surfaces.

Table lamps and floor lamps are fantastic for adding soft light to a specific part of the room. A lamp that can be angled will provide further lighting possibilities. For example, angled over the sofa when you’re reading, swing it over to a coffee table to illuminate a sociable get together, or tilt it back or up to wash the wall or ceiling with a soft light.

Don’t forget candles
An easy and effective way of adding a warm and cosy glow to your project is with candles. Let your hair down – choose as many different shapes and sizes as you wish. Group together to create a warm atmosphere, but always be mindful to keep away from children and any flammable items.

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