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10 tips to refresh your living room

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Author: Vicky Walker, Posted: Wednesday, 24th December 2014, 08:00

Is your home suffering from the winter blues? Here are some simple ideas that will breathe some new life into your living room and transform it into the stylish, relaxing space you are looking for.

1. Sad sofas

Freshen up tired sofas and chairs with new covers – they will prolong the life of your furniture and be the starting point for a whole new scheme.

2. Foliage

A floor standing plant turns an empty corner into a focal point – there are some great faux ones around if you are not green fingered or prefer plants that don’t require any maintenance.

3. Muted pastels

Soft, muted pastels often create a tranquil atmosphere. Try sage green or slate blue and introduce some metallic touches for a sense of luxury. Deep blue and grey are very much in vogue at the moment and create a much more moody feel to your room. They can work if your room is dark – you just need to know how!

4. Attention to detail

Pay attention to small details such as using steel fittings all the way through your house to give a polished contemporary feel. If you prefer a more traditional look, burnished brass is much nicer than shiny plain brass.

5. Texture

Go for contrasts of texture to add interest to simple colour schemes. Thick woolly throws and chunky ribbed carpets will look warm and welcoming. A battered leather chair adds another dimension, then either silk or linen curtains. Using textures ensures your scheme will not look flat and will have a lot more life in it.

6. Supersize

Oversized patterns look fantastic in small doses. Try adding a bright and bold patterned throw to your sofa or paper one wall in a large-scale design. If you feel you may tire of this quickly, purchase a crazy design of fabric and stretch it over a frame – this will be easy to replace should you get bored of it.

7. Rug up

An interesting design laid on wooden flooring or a plain carpet can transform your floor and also provides an extra layer of comfort and warmth.

8. Bright idea

Make a statement with your lamps – look for a shade that picks up a particular colour from your furnishings. Rather than having a central pendant light, try a side lamp or floor lamp, which will create a lovely calming atmosphere.

9. Liven things up

Introduce patterns for a lively look, but remember to experiment these patterns in a limited colour palette – ideally stick to two or three colours and this means you can mix patterns such as stripes, checks and florals. Be careful with the size of the design as well.

10. Have it your way

Lastly, ensure it is your style and that you can live with it – then you will love the result and will only need to add the odd accessory from time to time.

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