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Planning a kitchen or bathroom?

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Author: Gill Greenwell, Posted: Thursday, 25th January 2024, 09:00

Image: Naked Kitchens Image: Naked Kitchens

I usually aim to be somewhere warm in February as it’s such a miserable month. If I’m staying at home, I hunker down and do some serious planning for my house projects for the year. If you have a kitchen or bathroom upgrade scheduled for 2024, now’s the time to get down to the detail and set the stage for a spring renovation.

Understand your priorities

The first rule of design is to make a room fit for purpose and be clear about your goals at the outset. Ask yourself some basic questions about how you want to use the space – are you a keen cook with a vision of a kitchen full of the latest gizmos, or is it more important to have a multi-purpose space for cooking, eating and socialising? Are you happy with a functional bathroom for a quick shower before you go to work or, like me, are you dreaming of a luxurious space for long relaxing baths?

Set a realistic budget

It’s crucial to set your budget early in the process so you can allocate your funds thoughtfully. Prioritise your spending on what’s really important to you, whether it’s top-of-the-range kitchen appliances, units from a big-name brand, fancy bathroom sanitaryware or amazing tiles. If your budget is tight, there are lots of ways you can minimise the spend with clever and sustainable choices e.g. replacement doors for existing units or repurposing furniture for a vintage look.

Create a mood-board

Next, find your ideal style. I’m a huge fan of mood-boards – I love cutting pictures of my dream rooms out of magazines and collecting samples of materials I like. Most interior design projects start with a Pinterest board and saved Instagram pics for inspiration. It will soon become clear what colours and finishes you like and the style that works for you, whether it’s country classic, vintage chic or mid-century modern.

The perfect layout

Now armed with your ideas you are ready to talk to the professionals. Designers, contractors and suppliers can help you plan the best ergonomic layout maximising the space available, taking into account any practical challenges. Kitchens designed around an efficient work triangle from sink to cooker to fridge work best. For bathrooms it’s important to understand if existing plumbing can be moved to accommodate a new design.

The fun bit

Lastly, you can have fun choosing the final finishes, but do think sustainably and long term. Will you still love that colour in a few years’ time? If your budget only stretches to redecoration, research the latest paint trends and accessories – it’s amazing how new door handles and taps can make a difference.

I have just repainted my bathroom a deep chocolate brown and it looks so contemporary. With some thought, you too can create your dream kitchen and bathroom and make them a reality come the spring.

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