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New season lighting

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Author: Gill Greenwell, Posted: Monday, 25th September 2023, 09:00

Image: Nkuku Image: Nkuku

Once October has arrived it really starts to feel like autumn. The clocks go back, the days are shorter and the nights darker; there is a real sense that winter will soon be upon us.

As natural light becomes scarcer, it’s a great time to think about making your home a warmer, light-filled space. Follow my advice to help you create a comfortable, welcoming atmosphere with thoughtful lighting choices.

Embrace natural light
Lighting in the darker months is about maximising the natural light that’s available. Simple things like keeping your windows clean, using unfussy window treatments, and holding curtains open with corded poles or tie-backs will all make a difference.

Follow Chinese feng shui principles and hang a mirror opposite a window to bounce more light in. Increased light has a positive impact on mood and energy levels too.

Layered lighting
Interior designers take a layered approach to lighting using a mix of lamps, and wall and pendant lights. Combining three types of lighting works best: ambient lighting to create a warm overall glow; task lighting for sewing, working or reading; and accent lighting to illuminate a piece of art or an object.

I am currently lusting after the National Trust range of Anglepoise desk lamps, which are available from John Lewis in a variety of sizes.

Make a statement with lamps
I get excited about floor and table lamps as they really can transform a space. Lampshades in particular can make a big difference. For a cosy feel, I love velvet shades in deep colours. In my hallway I have a lamp with a teal velvet shade, which creates a lovely warm welcome for guests.

For this season’s natural look, Nkuku’s striking floor lamp made from mango wood would make a real statement, and it’s sustainable too. My go-to lighting brand is Pooky. Check out their versatile rechargeable lamps and new range of brightly coloured hand-blocked shades.

Create a warm glow
It’s time to update your existing lighting fixtures to ones that radiate warmth and style. Opt for soft-coloured bulbs that emulate the golden hues of autumn, and swap out harsh cool white for warm-white LED bulbs. I find 2,700K-3,000K works best.

I always install dimmer switches so I can adjust my lighting to create a relaxed and cosy atmosphere. And don’t forget about outside lighting. Twinkling string lights strung through trees will add warmth and a magical touch to your outside space.

Cosy candlelight
Finally, no piece on autumn lighting would be complete without mentioning candlelight. The soft flickering light of candles will instantly infuse your space with a romantic, inviting atmosphere, and there is nothing like bathing in candlelight for the ultimate luxurious experience.

I always group candles and candlesticks on the table once the light fades. They make a great centrepiece. Why not bring your family and friends together with a special candlelit Halloween dinner?

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