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Author: Gill Greenwell, Posted: Friday, 24th January 2020, 09:00

February is a good time to plan house projects and freshen up your home ahead of spring. One easy way to do this is to focus on what is on the walls.

A recent project for a client, who has lots of interesting paintings she has collected, reminded me of the importance of pictures in a room. Making your walls more interesting doesn’t have to cost a lot, so here are some tips for personalising your space.

Original art

Starting your own collection may seem daunting, but you just need to know what you like. And don’t be put off by the word “original” – it doesn’t necessarily mean expensive. Look out for affordable art fairs in your area.

You only need to watch an episode of Antiques Roadshow to see how easy it is to pick up interesting pieces in boot sales and junk shops. Who knows, you could find the next undiscovered Picasso!

If you want to support young emerging artists, think about going to the graduate show at your nearest art school. Search out local artists and open studio events – they’re great showcases for local talent. And don’t forget your creative friends. I have an artist friend and have bought her paintings over the years.

Prints and posters

Great affordable alternatives are prints (often limited editions) or posters. You can buy framed prints of your favourite pictures when you visit art galleries – my daughter recently bought a print of “A Bigger Splash”, her favourite David Hockney.

Posters are good if you are looking for something big and bold as a standout feature. I particularly love vintage travel posters and art/photographic exhibition posters. Check out the website for inspiration.


If you are looking for a clean, elegant look, style your space with framed photographs. You can have your own printed to the size you want to suit your space.

Contemporary photographs look good with crisp white mounts and black frames. John Lewis or Ikea are good sources for affordable frames.

If you love a vintage look, favourite old family photographs in sepia look perfect in vintage frames. Scour your local charity and antique shops for interesting finds, mix up your photos and display them on shelves for a more eclectic feel.

Displaying art

Hanging pictures in the right place is key and it’s easy to get it wrong. A few tips that always work for me are; hang single pictures at eye level, no higher or they look lonely; link them with other things in the room; stack smaller pictures in pairs.

And do remember, scale is important – choose the right sized artwork for your wall for the most impact.

Make a gallery wall

Finally, why not create an on-trend gallery wall, ideal for hallways or large wall spaces. You can opt for a single theme – botanical or nature inspired prints work well. For example, illustrations of native American birds.

Alternatively, put together a fun collection of images you love, and check out Pinterest for ideas.

Now you have your winter project sorted you just need to get started.

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