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Top tips for getting your home ready to sell

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Author: Jade Wilce, Posted: Monday, 26th March 2018, 09:00

Preparing a home for sale can be a daunting task for anyone looking to sell their property, and staging the space in the right way can help your home sell faster and potentially add more value.

A lick of paint does wonders
A lick of paint freshens and brightens any home and neutral tones allow prospective buyers to see the potential in your property and how the space can be adapted to their style and personality. Bright, light tones make spaces appear bigger and will make rooms feel easier to move straight into. Tins of paint cost money and decorating takes time – if these are an issue then prioritise by focusing on creating a fantastic first impression; give the front door a new coat of brightly coloured paint or the hallway a lick of white paint so viewers are greeted by a light, welcoming space as soon as they walk in.

Fix up and clean away
You must complete all those odd jobs that need doing; make any minor repairs necessary such as touching up marks on the walls, replacing broken door handles and straightening up wonky cupboard doors. Potential buyers often want to move in without making changes, so allow for this – you will feel the benefits on spending time on these tasks.

Make time for cleaning everything until it shines; make spaces more attractive by removing limescale, cleaning tiles, tackling odours and hanging up fresh towels and linens. All these details will make your home more appealing. Finally, if you have a garden then make sure you spend time tidying it up; cut bushes back, clean the patio and cut the grass. While this won’t add value, it makes your home seem more alluring.

De-clutter but keep your mark
Getting your home ready to sell focuses the mind, in particular on those dreaded tasks like de-cluttering. Removing those excessive bits and bobs is a great start to making your space appear bigger and more attractive to potential buyers. Move things to storage or if an item is not essential, give it to charity or sell it on the many sites available. As the saying goes, ‘one person’s junk is another’s treasure’. It is really important that your home doesn’t look too staged or too hotel like; prospective buyers are looking to purchase a home that works with their lifestyle, so show off how you live in the space in a clean, clutter free way.

Make it look attractive
Finally, spend time making your home look and smell more attractive. Make sure all windows are dressed with blinds or curtains, plants and vases of flowers are dotted about rooms to bring colour and life into a space, and fill that fruit bowl with fresh produce on your kitchen counter. Bad smells are the single biggest turn off for prospective buyers so clear drains, wash bins, open windows and air the home. Use candles, essential oils and diffusers to make the space smell wonderful.

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