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Choose your interiors style

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Author: Caron Burrows, Posted: Saturday, 24th September 2016, 08:00

Most of us gravitate to our own likes and dislikes when it comes to choosing a style for the place we call home. Interiors are portrayed in various styles – contemporary, coastal, country, eclectic, industrial, Scandinavian and shabby chic, to mention just a few. Join me over the following months to assist you choosing or identifying a design style for your home. This month we are talking about Contemporary Design.

What is it?
Contemporary style is about now – a contemporary home expresses this through its finish and fabric, as well as its furniture, latest building techniques and architectural ideas. The contemporary look provides the excitement of new and modern – perhaps being the first to have the latest sofa or latest gadget. It’s about incorporating state of the art fixtures and fittings that look amazing, but also work to improve the quality of our lives.

Cut down on the clutter
A contemporary home often moves towards minimalism by keeping clutter to a minimum. Kitchen surfaces should be mostly clear and shelves not muddled with knick knacks and books. Clean line storage is the key and the first step to completing a contemporary style.

Colour choices should be exciting and used in an original, eye-catching way. Black and white is a classic colour scheme that never grows old and works well in a bold contemporary home. Don’t be afraid to try these colour choices in a child’s room. Pastels and sugary shades will easily lift your scheme, whilst adding a modern edge to your home. Do not be tempted to use too many colours – limit your choice to just two or three.

Your chosen furniture should be all about designs that are up to the moment and now, or cleverly updated classics that have been repainted or reupholstered to meet the needs of modern and contemporary. Look for tactile fabrics and finishes, such as linen, wool, velvet and silk, which will add texture.

Quick tip
Ask yourself before each design decision: “Would my Gran like this?” If the answer is a big fat NO, the chances are it is contemporary!

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