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Watering is important during the warmer months

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Author: Julia Smith, Posted: Wednesday, 24th May 2017, 08:00

The weather should now be milder and more settled (perhaps!) so you can transplant courgettes, marrows, pumpkins and squashes that have been sown inside to your garden. If you haven’t got any, sow directly into a prepared piece of ground. Outdoor tomato plants can be put out now as well.

Invest in a watering system
At this time of year watering can be a problem, particularly if the weather is warm and windy – it has been extremely dry in the last few weeks. After writing this we are guaranteed to have monsoon rain for the next month – you will know who to blame! Pots and window boxes definitely need watering daily. Why not buy one of the automatic watering kits the garden centres sell? Pop it on an outdoor tap and it can water a quantity of hanging baskets, pots, etc. every day, thus taking the drudgery out of it all. It is expensive to plant up these displays, so to invest in a watering system makes good sense.

Any newly planted shrub or perennial will need watering in the first few weeks to keep it healthy until the roots grow. Don’t spray water on every day – use a can and give the surrounding ground a good soaking once a week. If the ground is dry, use a whole can to each plant. Water in the early morning or mid-evening, not in the heat of the day. Look at your down-pipes from the guttering and see if there is any way you can fit in a water butt to help conserve the water from your tap. Butts are available now which are very slim and will fit in small spaces.

Roses fit in just about every space
June is a lovely month in the garden, with my favourite plant, the rose, at its best. Roses will fit in just about every space. The David Austin ‘English Roses’ are bred to have the scent and colour of the old roses, and the shrub ones are ideal to place as a small climber if your space is limited. They also have the added bonus of flowers starting from low down, so you don’t get the bare stems.

If you have a large garden with a mature tree, you could try growing one of the prolific ramblers like ‘Kiftsgate’ or ‘Rambling Rector’, which work best being allowed to romp up a big tree and do their thing with no pruning. At the end of the month, give your roses their second feed of granular rose food.

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