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Author: Lynda Rowland, Posted: Friday, 10th January 2020, 09:00

Shopping and dressing in 2020 could be a whole new experience.

Phrases such as ‘fast fashion’ and ‘the bigger and bling-ier the better’ are already being frowned upon as we realise the negative impact those approaches are having on humanity and planet earth.

‘Green’ resolutions are currently being made by consumers worldwide as we all become increasingly aware of our environmental impact and carbon footprint.

However, whilst the sensible majority of us no longer doubt that we have to do something to make a difference, it is becoming obvious that there is a rather unwelcome by-product of our growing awareness which is affecting young people in particular.

‘Climate Anxiety’ is having a worrying impact on children and teenagers, who are being exposed to extremely negative and sometimes even exaggerated representations of imminent global catastrophe.

I recently read about the Headteacher of a North London girls’ school who has vowed to stop buying new clothes for the whole of 2020, in what she calls her ‘365 Day Challenge’.

When she announced this to her pupils they found it inspirational but, thankfully, have adapted the idea to encompass initiatives which are more relevant to their lifestyles and consequently more achievable for themselves, such as walking to school, using less plastic and buying ethical cosmetic products.

It may be that their headmistress has, as she readily admitted, wardrobes full of good-quality, stylish dresses, and it is therefore not unreasonable for her to re-wear them multiple times and not consign them to landfill in order to go out and buy more, possibly mass-produced, garments.

However, should she unexpectedly find that she needs something for a special occasion, there would be nothing wrong in her sourcing a new outfit from an ethical clothing brand.

No-one should really want to completely stop shopping with the potential result that designers, craftspeople and conscientious retailers go out of business and lose their livelihoods. After all British fashion is our largest creative industry and is responsible for creating around 800,000 jobs.

We simply need to think more carefully about what we buy, how often and where from.

Those young schoolgirls are obviously not in the same position as their headmistress because firstly, they are still growing and changing shape and, secondly will not yet have had the chance to build up a large wardrobe anyway!

Fashion is such an intrinsic way of presenting ourselves to the world as we want to be seen, and it would be rather sad if that privilege were to be taken away from us, especially for young people who are just starting to develop their own image and identity.

When you think about ‘fast fashion’ however, it is actually the antithesis of that, as it’s all about current trends that everyone will be wearing all at the same time!

Perhaps what we need to do is just take inspiration from the forecasts, pick out those trends that appeal to and suit us, and then go about sourcing them from a mix of ethical and sustainable manufacturers, our own existing wardrobes, vintage and charity shops, and even by swapping and moving pieces around amongst friends and family.

We all still have the right to live comfortably now, without being made to feel guilty, as long as we are happy that we are each playing our own part in helping the cause of our precious planet.

An injection of colour, character and style will help us combat our post-Christmas blues and face 2020 and all its challenges with vigour and optimism.

Have a Happy – and hopefully not anxious – New Year!

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