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Summer skin

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Author: Val Starr, Posted: Wednesday, 26th June 2024, 09:00

The skin is our largest organ and is exposed more often during the summer than any other time of the year, so it is very important to take care of it throughout this season.

Understandably, many of us cannot wait to get out in those warm summer rays, especially after many months of covering up from the cold and rain. It is imperative to remember our skin spans from our scalp to the soles of our feet; we tend to concentrate on what we can see and forget the rest! All of our skin deserves TLC, so let’s discover some easy solutions.

SPF protection

This is the most important first step. Prevention is always better than cure, and with skin cancers in all their various forms on the increase, we can all help ourselves by ensuring we protect our skin.

There are so many SPF products on the market, from creams and sprays to lotions. The NHS recommends we use at least factor 30 to protect against UVB, and at least a 4 star UVA protection. Apply sunscreen around 30 minutes before going out in the sun, and reapply regularly throughout the day, especially if you’ve been swimming.

Don’t forget the tips of your ears, lips, any bald spots and, if you’re at the beach, remember to apply it to the soles of your feet!

Retinol products

Anyone who is using retinol products needs to be especially careful in the sun, as retinol tends to make the skin more sensitive to sunlight. It is therefore advised to apply a high SPF sunscreen regularly, as well as covering up the skin with clothing and a hat, and preferably only use retinol in the evening.


A weekly scalp exfoliator not only removes any skin buildup, but is also good for healthy new hair growth. A regular hair mask is also very helpful for dry summer hair that may be damaged from the sun.

Philip Kingsley designed his product Elasticizer for Audrey Hepburn, as her hair was damaged from continual heat styling for her movies, and it is still one of the best hair masks on the market. Apply weekly to dampened hair, leave for at least twenty minutes or overnight, then rinse thoroughly and shampoo and condition as normal. Your dry summer hair will feel like you have treated it to a salon treatment!

A hat will also not only protect your scalp, but prolong your hair colour, especially after a recent colour application.


Our feet are so often neglected, as they tend to be hidden. Summertime means they are more exposed and should be treated to a great pedicure, which can easily be done at home. Start by exfoliating your feet, then remove any old polish. Soak your feet, cut, shape and buff your nails, apply a good foot cream and leave on overnight.

If possible, wear cotton socks. If you want to apply nail polish, use two coats followed by a top coat, and let it dry completely to ensure it lasts. A well-manicured foot not only looks good, it makes you feel good, too.

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