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Skin survival

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Author: Val Starr, Posted: Wednesday, 26th August 2020, 08:00

We are now very familiar with the ‘stay alert’ warning, but sadly our skin does not always listen! Face masks are the new norm and I am sure many of us are finding this necessity hard to adjust to.
The wearing of face masks, particularly for those who, by law, have to wear them all through the working day, can take its toll on your skin.

People are finding they get a rash around the chin area which they never had before, as well as other areas where the mask may cause irritation.

It is important now to treat our skin with a lot of TLC. Summer is drawing to a close and perhaps we have enjoyed more sun than usual with staying at home. Or, if you have been cooped up indoors, you might be noticing more dryness. Here are a few simple tips that might help.

This might sound like a contradiction for a rash or dry skin, but it is not. You should, of course, try a very gentle type of exfoliation, and do this a couple of times per week. It is imperative that with a new product you try a spot test just to avoid any extra irritation.

I particularly like Elemis Papaya Enzyme Peel. It’s a bit pricey but a little goes a long way. It is non abrasive, contains fruit enzymes and is so easy to use. Apply a thin layer all over the areas you want to exfoliate and leave for approximately ten minutes. This product gently nibbles away all the dead skin cells and leaves your skin soft and radiant.

If you don’t have ten minutes, then Gatineau’s Radiance Enhancing Gommage is pretty much instant. Apply to dry skin and gently massage for one to two minutes until the texture turns to liquid, then gently wash off. This product contains some great ingredients includ-ing enzymes, vitamin C and AHA.

I regularly exfoliate my hands at the same time, as they have taken a battering with all the extra hand washing. The beauty of good exfoliation is it prepares your skin for the products you choose to apply afterwards, as there are no dead skin cells for products to sit on.

Facial oils
Mention oils and we think greasy; the new generation of oils are anything but. If you have oily skin, these oils will work with your skin to moisturise it, not make it even more oily. There are now so many to choose from, and the best are the ones that are just pure oil with no additives.

AD Skin Synergy is highly recommended; their nourishing night treatment aromatic facial oil is excellent. Massage a few drops on to fingertips and warm, then gently massage onto the face and neck. You might not need any additional night time creams as this is a stand alone product. This is UK produced and as natural as you can get; your skin will thank you for it.

Face masks
Designers have jumped on this bandwagon and the choice is now so varied. I prefer ones that can breathe and are made of natural fibres, which are easier on the delicate facial skin. Make sure if yours is washable you ensure the water is at least 60 degrees.
The British Wildlife Centre has a couple of cute ones of a fox and a wild cat – nice to support a worthy charity whilst staying safe!

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