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Fabulous feet

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Author: Val Starr, Posted: Monday, 26th July 2021, 12:00

Feet are our foundation, but sadly they are often overlooked as they are not always on display, particularly in cooler climates. August is perhaps a good time to reconsider how we look after this important foundation.

To put it into perspective, if you live to an average age of eighty, with a daily step count of 7,500 – the amount of a moderately active person – you will have walked over 210 million steps in your lifetime (taking out the baby and toddler years)! We expect so much from our feet and often give so little, so maybe now is the time to start a ‘love your feet’ regime?

This is the treatment of the foot and ankle, often carried out by a professional, but some of the recommendations they offer are suitable for you to do at home.

Foot hygiene is imperative, particularly during hot weather. In the shower or after exercise, wash thoroughly in between your toes and dry well after-wards. Moisturise your feet generously to avoid dry, cracked heels – the older we get, the more heels tend to dry out, causing cracks and sometimes leading to infections.

Why not get some breathable cotton socks, which are not too tight on the ankles, add a good layer of emollient or foot cream and sleep in them. The next morning you’ll have soft, happy feet.

Try to choose footwear with a slight lift, even slippers, as flat, thin-soled footwear can cause heel pain. Trainers are now acceptable virtually everywhere, prominently featured on all the catwalk shows. From functional to glamorous, you can have comfortable feet and still look good!

Cutting nails correctly is crucial; you need to follow the natural curve of the nail and never over-cut or cut down the sides of your nails. This can be painful and lead to ingrown nails, which we need to avoid. If you do experience irritation from over-cutting, a warm salt foot bath may offer some relief and help speed up healing.

Nail polish
Many of us like a polished nail, especially in the summer when we often wear open toed shoes and sandals. Polish should not be left on for longer than a week, as most contain chemicals which, if left on for too long, can cause corrosion of the nails. Nail bars are a popular place to go for a pedicure, however it is imperative they work to approved hygiene standards. The equipment used should be new for each client.

At home, nourish the cuticles as you would the rest of your hands – a good almond oil is effective. Always apply a base coat to avoid yellowing of the nails, and to help the polish last longer with minimal chipping. Remember, the darker the shade of nail polish, the easier it is to see when it is chipped.

Our precious feet respond well to TLC, so try to make footcare a regular addition to your beauty regime. After all, hopefully we have many more miles to walk, so let’s walk them on happy feet!

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