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Beauty resolutions for 2021

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Author: Val Starr, Posted: Monday, 28th December 2020, 09:00

2021 has arrived and I think we can agree that 2020 was a year we would all like to forget, and hope this New Year will see us enjoy a more ‘normal’ lifestyle.

We have become so much more aware recently of the importance of keeping our hands clean and not touching our faces. It is also very important to ensure our make-up equipment is kept to the same high clean standards. It is quite amazing how soon brushes and other tools collect bacteria, which can cause skin irritations and even infections.

This is a clever invention from a previous Apprentice winner Tom Pellereau, created in 2011. It cleans nearly all cosmetic brushes and dries them in less than 30 seconds – quite a sight to see! The kit includes a cleaning bowl and flexible silicone collars to fit any brush size, as well as a make-up brush cleansing solution, which is a vegan formula infused with wheat germ, grapeseed and argon oil.

It operates with 2 AAA batteries, which are included. It removes even the toughest make-up build up, cleaning inside the bristles, which are normally hard to reach, incredibly fast and effective.
Price seems to vary but I have found this item for £29.99 – have a shop around. Of course this is an investment, but as we are using far more brushes in cosmetic applications it is a good idea.

We should all be cleaning our tools thoroughly every week and if you cannot afford a StylPro, soak your brushes in a cleansing liquid regularly and allow to dry naturally.

Of all the cosmetics we apply, we really should dispose of our mascara every three months, even if there is some left. I know it is hard to throw away a product which you like and have not finished, but mascara wands collect bacteria, which can easily be spread into the delicate eye area, causing an infection. This can be painful and unsightly, so ditch the old and invest in a new mascara.

Benefit is the reigning mascara must-have – their Roller Lash and Bad Girl Bang really are great for making your eye lashes full and giving them a great curl to boot.

The market is full of mascaras promising wondrous lashes, so trying them out is often the only way to see the one that best suits you. Some make up counters allow you to bring in your old mascaras and offer a sample of theirs.

Hair brushes
Hair brushes have a similar issue to mascara. Anything we use on a daily basis collects bacteria, so combs and brushes need a good cleanse on a regular basis. I soak mine in shampoo and scrub them clean.

These are a magnet for germs and bacteria and are often in the bathroom where all sorts of things float in the air. I change my brush head every few months, no matter if it still looks in good shape. I may even change it more regularly if I have a sore throat or cough. My dentist advises this is a simple and easy step to assist in keeping a healthy mouth.

All these tips are easy and inexpensive to do, and at the same time they give you peace of mind as you head into this New Year. I hope it is a healthy and happy one for everyone.

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