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Autumn fashion trends

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Author: Val Starr, Posted: Monday, 25th September 2023, 09:00

With summer now behind us, let’s take a look at the fashion trends coming up this autumn.

I hope you like the colour red, as this is the autumn shade that will dominate the high street. Red conjures up Christmas to me, but not to the designers who decide the colours of the future season.

Every shade of red is out there, from the very palest to bright ruby reds and deep merlots. Prada recently showed a striking red leather skirt-suit – I dare not imagine the price! Of course, most of us could never afford designer clothes, but what they show illustrates what we will see in pared down versions in our favourite shops.

If you are not a fan of red, don’t despair. There are other shades you might prefer – ‘mellow yellow’ being one of them. This is another ‘marmite’ (love it or hate it) shade that has grown in popularity during the summer. Silver and glacial blue are to be seen in pretty softer shades, while ‘salted caramel’ is no longer just for ice cream!

This is definitely the style for autumn/winter 2023. Recent miniskirts will take a back seat to allow longer-length hemlines to take centre stage. Floor-length coats, dresses and skirts are all the rage; designer catwalk lengths were skimming the floor. Not practical for the majority in the real world, but I’m sure high street brands will produce a more practical longer length.
Trousers are also loose fitting and often higher waisted, certainly with a longer look reaching below shoe level. When wearing a flowing trouser, I always advise having a form-fitting top to help to balance the look.

Big shoulders
Power silhouettes are the look we associate with the 80s and the Joan Collins Dynasty is popular once again. Coats and blazers are sporting sharp tailoring with padded shoulders. Vogue states that white shirts styled in myriad ingenious ways will look good with this larger shoulder look.

Yes, these are back and an easy way to update your look. During the warmer months, some choose to wear a waistcoat alone with nothing underneath, but the cooler autumn weather requires an extra layer by way of a shirt, thin jumper or blouse, depending on the waistcoat. This does not need to be a major investment and can be worn with skirts as well as under blazers or jackets.

Marks & Spencer
This high street favourite has enjoyed higher-than-expected profits with their fashion in recent times. Former Topshop fashion director Maddy Evans moved to M&S a couple of years ago and brought her very successful vision of trends with her.

Where previously popular items sold out, leaving customers disappointed, Maddy has introduced a very fast turnaround of popular items, ensuring they are available again in as little as a month – a great strategy. Now Marks & Spencer is not just attracting women of a certain age, but drawing in a whole new range of younger customers who realise M&S now offers very up-to-date fashion.

So go on – indulge in a new look and embrace the season!

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