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Autumn fashion fix

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Author: Val Starr, Posted: Thursday, 26th September 2019, 09:00

Jeans - Next Jeans - Next

Now is the season for cosy, autumnal dressing. The new shades hitting the shops resemble lovely falling leaves, and if you are a fan of rich rusts, warm greens and khakis, you will love what the high street has on offer this season.

Russet shades

In all their glory, deep rusts, browns, khaki and camel shades can be seen in wrap dresses, coats and jumpers, as well as shoes and boots. If you are not a big fan of ‘rust’ colours, simply tone it down by adding a hint of brown, orange or red and just accessorising with a handbag or scarf. This will bring any outfit up to date.

As always, tartan will also be popular during the autumn/
winter season. Try pairing a tartan skirt with tights and boots, or how about a tartan scarf for the men when the temperature starts to drop? You can never go too far wrong with any shade of tartan, so have fun experimenting!


Once a huge staple of any wardrobe, blazers have returned in a very tailored and styled form. They are a great investment item that will stand the test of time.

Jaeger has a great selection of well-cut blazers and lovely wrap style coats that will see you through the autumn season. You can pair these with a lovely cosy jumper as we head into the cooler months of winter. I believe it is better to spend that little bit extra on good quality, staple pieces, which can instantly update any wardrobe.


Talking of staples, jeans have never gone out of fashion and dare I say never will. Yes the style may change slightly, but a great jean is always in fashion.

Our main problem has been sizing, but the good news is this issue may be a thing of the past. Well-known high street shop Next claim to have a tailor made solution; a new in-between range. It offers sizes you wouldn’t usually find on the shelves to help you get the best fit. So, instead of being a snug size 10 or a baggy size 12, you could be a comfortable size 11. The new jeans are sold in sizes 11, 13, 15 and 17, alongside the regular sizes.

Designers are favouring boot cut or a slight flare in their designs this season. Not the huge flare of the 80s, but a gentle flare that will be great for elongating the legs and pairing with boots!

Block heels

Comfortable and stylish, block heels are back. This style can be perfect for day or evening, and pretty much any event you are attending. It is interesting how comfort in fashion is every-where – you can look stylish with any number of dressy type trainers or pumps.

Designers are clever and when they see a style catch on, they replicate it in their ranges. After all, it is all about sales. The more we purchase fashion-able comfort styles, the more they will design. A great thing in my book!

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