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Summer styles and bold patterns

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Author: Val Starr, Posted: Wednesday, 24th July 2019, 09:00

Summer has been a slow starter this year, unlike the heatwave of last year. Sales are now in full swing as stock has to make way for the new autumn ranges, so it’s a good time to shop for a bargain.

Fashion often tends to focus on us ladies, but there are some interesting new looks around for the men out there. I’ll leave it to you to form an opinion on the following styles and whether they’ll be featuring in your wardrobe anytime soon!

Crop tops

Yes, it was hard enough for us women when crop tops were all the rage and now males face the same challenge. Personally, I think only a certain size and shape can carry off this new fashion item and it’s probably best to save this look for holidays, festivals and other similar summer events. I also think this is best suited for the younger crowd.

If you’re feeling confident and want to buy into this new trend, you’ll find crop tops in many of the high street shops in a variety of colours, including bright, neon shades, which would certainly help you stand out at a festival!

Hawaiian shirts

You may recall the box-like square shirts with short sleeves from the 90s, which usually came with bright, tropical designs. Well, they are back with a bang! Comfortable to wear and very popular because of the relaxed style, you’re probably more likely to see these tops out and about this summer than the new crop top look!

Next has a good range in bold stripes for £20, which are very flattering, New Look has a great patterned selection for £17.99, and Marks and Spencer have also got in on the Hawaiian look. These shirts are perfect if you want to indulge in that extra burger or dessert at your summer BBQ – they’ll hide the evidence well!

Why not check in the back of your wardrobe – you might be lucky enough to find one left over from the Tom Selleck days!

Polka dots

When we think about polka dots, we generally think black and white. Not any more! Now we have an assortment of colourful dots in greens, pinks, yellows, reds – the cat walk is full of colour!

Dresses are sporting a range of pattern sizes from enormous dots to tiny ones, many of which are very flattering, especially with the much desired sleeve. Designers have at last listened to customers who like some form of sleeve, so we are now spoilt for choice.

Many maxi styles are in every high street shop and if you are fortunate enough to find the perfect one – even if summer is nearing an end – the classic shirt style dresses never really go out of fashion.

Wedge shoes

Wedges are the perfect shoe to match most outfits and they are certainly a good choice if you are going to an event on grass. You still get the benefit of the height of a heel but hopefully not the discomfort. The difficult decision will be how high or low you want to go.

From beautiful patterned fabrics to gorgeous pastel leathers, the choice is endless. I saw a pair recently which was covered in sequins and would dress up any simple look or take you through to the evening.

The great news today is that fashion is for everyone, young or old, male or female, so have fun with it!

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