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Valentine’s His and Hers

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Author: Val Starr, Posted: Thursday, 24th January 2019, 09:00

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The first recorded Valentine’s Day supposedly dates back to the year 496. It is thought to have originated from a Roman festival in the middle of February to celebrate spring. Let’s hope we have spring this year in mid February!

14th February certainly is observed in a totally different way today. It is often celebrated with flowers, chocolates, romantic cards from couples to each other, some-times their children, other family members and even teachers. It is a lovely occasion to celebrate and show you care about someone.

Instead of splashing out on an over-priced, over-crowded restaurant, why not plan a special evening at home? Here are a few alternative suggestions with a fashion twist.


Buying matching bathrobes for a fun night in is one idea, and if you have children and want to get them involved you can often find mini versions for them. From luxurious silk to inexpensive fluffy robes, the high street has a great selection. Marks and Spencers and Primark are just two outlets with good ranges. If not robes, why not pyjamas or onesies – they can be fun as well. At least these items will last long after 14th February, and bring some good memories of an enjoyable evening when you next wear them.


Along similar lines, there are so many cute slippers out there that make a statement from practical to plain silly. Whatever style you choose, make it original to suit your partner’s personality. These will also last much longer than a bunch of flowers.


If of course you go down this well-travelled route, try to choose items that not only look wonderful but are made of good fabric, like silk or the finest cotton, which will stand the test of time. Be practical and think about what your loved one will be comfortable wearing – our partners often have an image that might not translate into really what their ‘beloved’ really wants to wear, so do give your choice a lot of thought.


These could be a great alternative gift idea, and are also available to suit every budget. Of course, a famed Hermes scarf will set you back considerably but it’s still one of the finest silk scarves to own in the world, and one you will always treasure. Many less expensive, but gorgeous none-the-less, scarves have beautiful colours and designs. There are some really amazing choices available that might just resonate with something special to you as a couple.

Often the pressure is on from advertising weeks in advance for us to “spend spend spend”. Let’s not forget that however you choose to celebrate St. Valentine’s Day, it really is the thought that counts. So rather than the standard box of chocolates and a bunch of roses, put a little extra thought into a gift for your loved one on this romantic occasion.

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