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2019 Beauty Resolutions

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Author: Val Starr, Posted: Monday, 17th December 2018, 09:00

2019 has arrived; I am sure we are all still slowly getting over the holiday festivities, and planning the year ahead. Exercise and losing weight is often top of the list, but do try and include the following on your resolution list on a daily basis. When we look good it makes us feel good!


Now is the time to super-charge your skin – with cold winter conditions and central heating, our skin can easily get very dry and dehydrated. Thorough cleansing every evening followed by a toner
is essential. Exfoliation is
often overlooked in the cold weather, as the misconception is it will dry out the skin. In fact, the opposite is true; gentle exfoliation at least once weekly will allow the skin to absorb the skin care regime you are using much more effectively.


It is a really good idea to apply serums, which give the skin the extra nourishment it needs. Follow this with a richer moisturiser than you would use in the summer months. Liz Earle has a great new serum and their rich Superskin moisturiser is excellent, certainly worth the little extra you pay over the daily moisturiser.

The Superskin contains naturally active ingredients which are kind to your skin; you have a choice of plain or one containing natural neroli, which I personally choose as I like the fragrance of the neroli. Superskin eye cream is rich so suitable for the harsher months but not too heavy. It helps to lift, brighten and relieve puffiness.

Sun screen

No matter how grey and miserable the weather is, still try to use a sunscreen daily. It does not have to be the high factor we use in the summer months, but it is essential to help protect your skin from harmful rays.

On gloomy days I often apply and think why, but I know how important this key product is to use all year. The sun’s rays might not be as strong, but radiation still seeps through, so do not neglect this important daily step. The Ultra Sun range is hard to beat and only requires once a day application.


Like our faces, our bodies do tend to become extra dry and sometimes itchy with all the add-itional clothes we wear during winter. As with your face regime, a good dry exfoliation before you shower or bath followed by an intensive moisturiser applied to slightly damp skin will work wonders for your body.


On a similar note, hats and heat can dry the scalp and hair, often leaving a flaky and itchy scalp. The Phillip Kingsley range has an excellent shampoo for itchy scalps called Flaky/Itchy Scalp Shampoo. Many people find this very effective and, while not exactly cheap, after a few washes using the shampoo, you may only need to use it on the odd occasion thereafter.

Coconut oil is also good if you are on a budget – you can use it for a quick rinse to hydrate your hair, or leave it in for a few hours or even overnight as a simple hair mask. Just make sure you give two good shampoos when you wash it out to ensure it is all removed.

Let’s make 2019 the year we say ‘skin first’. Happy New Year!

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