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Wedding season tips for the perfect day

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Author: Val Starr, Posted: Wednesday, 25th April 2018, 09:50

A royal wedding, a registry office wedding, a church wedding, or renewing your vows – this is one of the most significant days of our lives. No matter what type of wedding it is, we all want this day to be when we look our very best, with photos to prove it.

Stress leading up to the big day can cause breakouts and play havoc with our skin and hair. It’s easy to say stay calm when the big day approaches, but do try and follow these tips for a helping hand.

To do list
Make an appointment well in advance for a dental hygienist to clean and polish your teeth, as they will be on show all day when you smile. Don’t leave colouring your hair colour until the last minute in case of any hitches – it’s better to do a trial run a month or so in advance to check you are happy with the shade, and then re-colour just prior to the wedding.

Make-up and hair
Many brides now choose to have a professional make-up artist work their magic on the big day. If you decide to opt for this, make sure you have a trial run to see if you like the style, and of course the same goes for your hair and any accessories. I suggest you have make-up and hair trials done well before the wedding and get some photos taken to see if the results are exactly what you want. After all, the photos last a lifetime so it’s well worth the effort to get things right. Most importantly you still have time to make any necessary adjustments.

Hands are often neglected during this important process, but if you think about it, your hands are probably more on display then ever before – after all, a very important ring is about to adorn them. The Abnormal Beauty Company has an excellent hand chemistry pro-repair skin care product created just for your hands, and the treatment promises visible results in eleven days of continuous use, twice a day. Why not make sure the groom does the same – they’ll also want to look as well groomed as possible, and if it works for you chances are it will for him.

You might want to experiment with your own good waterproof mascara, even if you are using a make-up artist. Waterproof is the key word here – we all know how emotional weddings can be! Try out different shades and brands to be confident in your choice. Removing waterproof mascara is not always easy, and you do not want to end up with great panda eyes in the evening. Liz Earle’s Cleanse and Polish has been top of the awards list for 22 years and there is a good reason for this. Liz Earle is a UK brand based in the Isle of Wight and their products are naturally sourced and very gentle on the skin. Personally, I love them. Cleanse and Polish is a wonderful gentle, creamy cleanser that feels more like a moisturiser. Apply all over your face, doing the eyes first to avoid smudging black all over your face, then gently remove with a warm muslin cloth. Again, I suggest trying this out before the big day.

Pores can tend to become enlarged, clogged and more obvious than normal when we are tired and stressed. There are many good brands you can find that reduce the size of the pores and act as a primer. The Abnormal Beauty Company has a great one; Hylamide Ha Blur which is hyaluronic-based and works as a blurring surface finisher. Don’t forget to share this one with the groom as well, as it is invisible when applied.

A joyous happy face shines through more than any skin care or cosmetics we may apply, so smile and have a wonderful day; congratulations!

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