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April Showers

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Author: Val Starr, Posted: Monday, 26th March 2018, 09:00

Our skin has endured probably six months of harsh weather alongside central heating, which makes for a dehydrated, dull and tired look. Now is the month to ‘shower’ our fragile skin with some deep moisture treatments, as we prepare to let it breathe fresh air again, giving it a healthy bloom.

It is imperative we cleanse morning and night. I am often asked why bother in the morning; well, mainly because at night our skin rejuvenates itself and sheds, so a good cleanse in the morning gets rid of any overnight build up. In the evening at this time of year I often treat myself to a double cleanse, which frankly can make a huge difference. I exfoliate a minimum of once a week, but through winter into spring I try for two exfoliations so I know any good moisture I am putting on my face and neck will be well absorbed.

We are spoilt for choice with many superb products available on the market that do a great job for all these routines, but make sure you find the ones that work for you. We are constantly bombarded with new products on the market promising amazing results, making it hard to choose.

When I indulge in any new product I do the half face test for a week. It really does let you know if you are getting the promised results. I apply the new product to one half of my face and my regular products to the other. If I see what I consider a good visible result, I at least know it is worth persevering with. If you are good at selfies, take one of you before and compare a week or so later.

Vibrant colours, especially violet and lilacs, are the trend for eyes this summer. If you do go with a strong eye then generally I suggest a paler lip, as two strong colours can be tricky to wear. You can always wear a strong violet shade on your nails to be on trend if you do not want to wear on your eyes.

Eye Lashes
The current emphasis is on fuller, longer lashes – it is a hot beauty trend. An eye lash curler is a must have to obtain a strong curl to your lashes. One good tip is to heat your eye lash curler with a hair dryer just before using – make sure it is not too hot of course – as this helps to achieve and maintain a good curl.

There are many new eye lash products out there, even magnetic lashes that simply lock into place. For every day though, an eye lash primer does help to build volume before applying your mascara. Always apply upwards from the root to the tip and wiggle the brush gently to get volume. As we age our lashes can become paler and sparser, so sometimes it looks better not to apply mascara on the bottom lashes if they are sparse. Experiment and see what suits you.

Other options are semi-permanent lash extensions and lash tints. Extensions last about six weeks and help if your lashes are on the thin side or you want a more dramatic lash look. They cost upwards of £55 but may vary depending on where you go. Eye lash tints can also be helpful, but always have a spot test first in case of allergies. A good tint is great if you do not want to apply mascara every day, as it looks like you have!

Red is the colour of the summer and there are many different shades to choose from – everything from deep crimson to cherry red. Marc Jacobs has an easy to apply Le Marc Liquid Lip Crayon in ‘How Rouge’; this delivers a fantastic shade in crayon form and says it lasts for sixteen hours! The crayon also comes in nine other shades.

So now it’s time to make some changes and show off your new spring time look!

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