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His and hers Valentine’s Day beauty

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Author: Val Starr, Posted: Wednesday, 24th January 2018, 09:00

Men’s beauty Men’s beauty

Male beauty
One of the largest cosmetic companies globally says the male grooming sector is one of the fastest growing in the beauty industry. L’Oreal predict that within the next five years, most stores will have specific sections dedicated to male skin care and grooming.

What’s more, Harrods, perhaps one of the most iconic stores in the world, has recognized this enormous new male era in skin care and grooming, and they are enlarging part of their legendary Urban Retreat beauty floor to reflect the growing demand from male customers. No longer will they share the area with female customers, but they will have a dedicated section for all their needs.

Already Harrods offer men pretty much all that the ladies can enjoy, including every type of facial imaginable, hair colour, styling, massages, waxing – you name it, they’ll have it. So if you want to be truly indulgent this Valentine’s Day and treat the special man in your life, go and indulge yourselves with a ‘his and hers’ salon experience, or browse the growing shelves of male beauty products that are sure to get your man looking his best.

Valentine’s Feet
This is the time of year when the foundations of our body – the feet – are more often than not out of sight and out of mind, and we tend to get lazy with their upkeep. We have come a long way in foot care and have ditched the old tricky pumice stones for revolutionary at-home pedicure devices. There are many to choose from on the market, all generally offering similar results.

The battery held device normally has little mini pumice type rollers which you gently glide over the rough skin on your feet. It will gently but very effectively buff away dry, hard, rough skin and is especially good on the heels, leaving you with lovely smooth skin. Follow this with a rich foot cream or moisturiser, and for the ladies, why not paint your toe nails at the same time? They might not be on display but you will know how good they look, as will your partner. After the initial small purchase price, these pedicures last and last – you only need to change the rollers once in a while, so they are a good investment. If you can’t indulge with an expensive ‘his and hers’ spa pedicure, this would be a great gift to give your Valentine, especially if you do the pedicure for them!

February is often the month that shows our skin at its worst. We have endured several months of indoor heating, harsh exterior conditions and are left missing that lovely summer glow. A good foundation and concealer can correct all that and give us a lovely luminous look. Laura Gellar cosmetics are renowned for their Italian baked foundations that do not dry the skin out but just add that youthful glow we all need at this time of the year. Their blushes add a soft luminosity without that cakey effect we often find when we use powder blushes.

Less is often more for a healthy glowing look, which can take years off our appearance. Be sure to shop around, as I always recommend – make up counters are there to share their expertise with you so do not hesitate to ask for their expert advice. Sometimes just one small change can make a world of difference without breaking the bank. Have fun, experiment and have a lovely Valentine’s Day.

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