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Wellness trends to consider in 2024

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Author: Will Mbanga, Posted: Monday, 26th February 2024, 09:00

Wellness trends evolve every year, which is great news if you like trying out new things or are still looking for your “thing”. While some wellness trends in 2024 are just a fresh take on existing fitness and wellness methods, there are also many concepts offering new ways to reinvigorate your routine/ wellness journey. Here are a few trends to look out for or try in the year ahead.


An interesting statistic from US research estimates close to 90% of women and 97% of men in America are not getting their recommended daily allowance of dietary fibre. If this is an accurate indicator, translated across other key dietary requirements, you start forming a picture of how easily you can sabotage your own progress. Most people recognize that a healthy diet and nutrition are important lifestyle choices when it comes to longevity. This is supported by compelling evidence around the world, where a strong correlation has been found between people living longer than average, due to specific diet and lifestyle factors. With that in mind, expect to see a growth in interest/ adoption of what have been termed “Blue Zone diets” after these areas and associated diet and lifestyle factors.


The growth of AI, virtual and augmented reality technology, and more affordable wearable technology, will see a growth in both traditional use (monitoring heart rate, speed, distance, sleep, etc.) as well as seekers of an immersive Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response experience. ASMR is a fascinating new area of wellness worth reading up on! The ability to access both traditional and new technologies/products, will help with creating euphoric sensations, increasing fitness, improving sleep and reducing stress.


The continued growth of outdoor exercise modalities (despite all of us being out of lockdown for a few years now) continues, not so much in “organized” exercise such as Bootcamps or HIIT classes, but more individual-based challenges. The growth in other forms of fitness, such as Yoga and Pilates will also continue. What will be interesting is how people create the conditions to meet their fitness goals – I expect to see more people doing loaded carries (walking/ hiking/running with weighted backpacks/vests, for example) which will improve both cardiovascular endurance and functional strength.


With increasing awareness of the importance of sleep for optimal physical and mental health, more people will start experimenting with sleep-enhancing practices. An interesting new trend that will see some growth in 2024 is that of sleep tourism, where travel destinations, accommodation providers and spas will create environments and products to support better sleep. This may be as simple as “unplugged” or Wi-Fi free zones, to sleep-improving products and treatments that enable travellers to get away and truly relax and recover from their normal life. While the range and type of activity varies from some quite ordinary tweaks to some more “out there” practices, the key is to explore whatever resonates with you, and helps you sustain a healthier lifestyle; then commit to it.

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