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How strong are your foundations?

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Author: Will Mbanga, Posted: Wednesday, 24th August 2022, 09:00

When working with corporates on developing a wellbeing culture, I’m always amazed at how many people in those environments haven’t ‘joined the dots’ between how their organisational vision and values (foundations) are best expressed as outcomes when aligned to specific positive actions, behaviours and habits.

We all want to be healthy and it seems like every day we’re inundated with new diets, wonder supplements, fitness fads, the latest gym chain on the market. But in our search for the holy grail – optimal health – is there really a single answer as to how we maximise our health and wellness outcomes?

Sleep is one of the most important processes the body undergoes

For example, we all know that nutrition and hydration are important for health and fitness – but what specific factors matter when it comes to getting this aspect right? We also know that one of the most important processes the body undergoes to maintain optimal immune function, recover and repair itself is sleep.

Aligned to this is the importance of regular age-, goal- and ability-appropriate exercise for both physical and mental health. The importance of mental health has become much more prominent in the mainstream media (rightly so) but continues to be an area in which we struggle to find balance, due to continued societal prejudice.

These four key factors – nutrition, hydration, sleep and mental health – play a crucial role in your health and fitness journey and should be seen as essential foundations to master for everyone looking to optimise their wellbeing.

In order to do this, we must first understand what wellbeing means to us as individuals. When considered holistically, it covers not just the absence of physical and mental illness, but also encompasses a sense of purpose and a state of equilibrium in our lives.

Setting realistic goals

I often talk about the ‘wellness/performance lifestyle’ as the Holy Grail – whether you are a mere mortal trying to stay healthy, or a performance-oriented athlete looking to smash PBs. This entails strong self-awareness, which allows us to set realistic goals and be honest with ourselves about our shortcomings, and seek the appropriate help we might need along the way.

Thereafter, it is being committed to repeating a series of positive actions and behaviours (habits) which over time allow you to become the best version of yourself. And when you’re the best version of yourself, your whole circle of influence benefits.

Moderation and good habits

As we have seen, there are a number of different factors that go into developing and maintaining good health and wellness. Many people make the mistake of thinking that they need to severely restrict their lifestyle in order to see benefits – in reality, though, moderation and good habits will facilitate a strong foundation for living a healthy lifestyle.

What positive lifestyle habits will you strive to maintain? What two changes can you make in your life for the next 30 days to improve your health and wellbeing? Start working consistently on those aspects today to strengthen your foundations, and you’ll soon see positive outcomes.

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