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Creating a functional home training environment

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Author: Will Mbanga, Posted: Monday, 10th August 2020, 11:10

While it hasn’t turned out to be the summer we were all looking forward to when we started eating healthily and training before Christmas last year, it has been a great summer so far, albeit under challenging circumstances.

What hasn’t changed is the opportunity for you to be your best physically, mentally and emotionally by taking care of your fitness, particularly if you have access to a garden or safe public/open space.

In a previous article, we looked at the benefits and considerations for training at home, along with some of the associated equipment you might invest in. Here is a brief summary with regard to developing a home gym and/or training at home:
1. Be clear that your intention (health and fitness goal) is something you want to achieve.
2. Choose a time that is manageable, yet still allows you the ability to focus on your training.
3. Develop consistency and discipline in your routine.
4. Ensure a system of accountability that will challenge and support your journey.
5. Set realistic, progressive and attainable exercise and nutrition goals. Having an unsustainable diet or an exercise regimen that makes you miserable will lead to failure.
6. The most effective workout is one you enjoy because you will be far more likely to stick to it. However, if you want to maximise your gains against the time spent training, you should look at incorporating strength training with High Intensity Interval Training in your routine.

HIIT is especially beneficial for people who are limited by time or equipment constraints, as it ramps up your metabolism, saves time and can give you a full body workout with great results!

Get creative with what you have at home

The key to optimising your ‘home’ workouts is to get creative with what you have, rather than getting worked up about what kit or equipment you lack. Wherever possible, incorporate the environment around you into your workouts – use stairs, benches for step ups or jump-ups and lunges. A chair or bench can be used for dips and push ups, a sturdy table for inverted/low pull ups.

You could pick up a heavy object in your garden and carry it around for time or distance, hang off or climb trees or other things (carefully!) to get a full body, functional fitness workout.

If you have a budget to build up some basic equipment, I would recommend a skipping rope, a set of dumbbells, assorted bands, a fairly heavy medicine ball or sandbag, at least one kettlebell and, if you have the space, a rower for a full body metabolic workout. Rowers are great for cardio, strength endurance and building mental toughness.

For those of you who are into tech and gadgets, there are loads of fantastic paid and free fitness, wellness and lifestyle apps available. Ultimately, something is better than nothing!

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