Cobalt Directory

Charlton Kings Parish Council

Phone: 01242 250087

Email: clerk@charltonkingsparishcouncil.gov.uk

Web: www.charltonkingsparishcouncil.gov.uk

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Ampney St. Mary Parish Meeting

Phone: 01285 850131

Email: ampneystmary@gmail.com

Barrington Parish Council

Phone: 01993 841060

Email: barringtonpc@hotmail.co.uk

Web: www.barringtonpc.weebly.com

Berkeley Town Council

Phone: 01453 511964

Email: clerk@berkeley-tc.gov.uk

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Bibury Parish Council

Phone: 01453 822287

Email: clerk@biburyparishcouncil.gov.uk

Web: www.biburyparishcouncil.gov.uk

Bishop’s Cleeve Parish Council

Phone: 01242 674440

Email: clerk@bishopscleeveparishcouncil.gov.uk

Web: www.bishopscleeveparishcouncil.gov.uk

Bisley-with-Lypiatt Parish Council

Phone: 01452 771089

Email: admin@bisley-with-lypiatt.gov.uk

Web: www.bisley-with-lypiatt.gov.uk

Blockley Parish Council

Phone: 01386 701602

Email: parishclerk@blockley.org.uk

Web: www.blockley.org.uk

Bourton-on-the-Water Visitor Information Centre

Phone: 01451 820211

Email: info@visitbourton.com

Brockworth Parish Council

Phone: 01452 863123

Email: clerk@brockworth-pc.gov.uk

Web: www.brockworth-pc.gov.uk

Cainscross Town Council

Phone: 01453 756036

Email: clerk@cainscross-pc.gov.uk

Web: www.cainscross-pc.gov.uk

Cam Parish Council

Phone: 01453 548884

Email: clerk@camparishcouncil.gov.uk

Web: www.camparishcouncil.gov.uk

Chalford Parish Council

Phone: 01453 887204

Email: info@chalford-glos.gov.uk

Web: www.chalford-glos.gov.uk

Chipping Campden Visitor Information Centre

Phone: 01386 841206

Email: info@campdenonline.org

Web: www.campdenonline.org

Churchdown Parish Council

Phone: 01452 713528

Email: admin@churchdown-pc.gov.uk

Web: www.churchdown-pc.gov.uk

Cirencester Town Council

Phone: 01285 655646

Email: info@cirencester.gov.uk

Web: www.cirencester.gov.uk

Cirencester Visitor Information Centre

Phone: 01285 654180

Email: cirencestervic@slm-ltd.co.uk

Web: www.coriniummuseum.org

Coberley Parish Council

Phone: 01666 822143

Email: info@coberleyparish.co.uk

Web: www.coberleyparish.co.uk

Dursley Town Council

Phone: 01453 547758

Email: clerk@dursleytowncouncil.gov.uk

Web: www.dursleytowncouncil.gov.uk

Eastleach Parish Council

Phone: 01367 860130

Email: eastleachpc@btinternet.com

Web: www.eastleachparishcouncil.org

Frampton on Severn Parish Council

Phone: 01452 741824

Email: framptonparishcouncil@gmail.com

Web: www.framptononsevernpc.org.uk

Fretherne with Saul Parish Council

Phone: 01452 740995

Email: fwsparishclerk@gmail.com

Web: www.frethernewithsaul.org.uk

Gloucester City Council

Phone: 01452 396396

Email: heretohelp@gloucester.gov.uk

Web: www.gloucester.gov.uk

Gloucester Tourist Information Centre

Phone: 01452 396572

Email: tourism@gloucester.gov.uk

Web: www.visitgloucester.co.uk

Gorsley & Kilcot Parish Council

Email: clerk@gkpc.co.uk

Web: www.gkpc.co.uk

Great Rissington Parish Council

Email: greatrissiparish@gmail.com

Guiting Power Parish Council

Email: guitingpowerpc@gmail.com

Web: www.guitingevents.co.uk

Haresfield Parish Council

Phone: 01452 721635

Email: haresfieldpc@gmail.com

Hewelsfield & Brockweird Parish Council

Phone: 01291 680053

Email: handbpc@outlook.com

Web: www.hewelsfieldandbrockweirpc.org

Hucclecote Parish Council

Phone: 01452 612485

Email: hucclecotepc@supanet.com

Web: www.hucclecotepc.gov.uk

Kingswood Parish Council

Phone: 01453 844659

Email: clerk@kingswoodparishcouncil.gov.uk

Web: www.kingswoodparishcouncil.gov.uk

Lechlade Community Library & Visitor Information Centre

Phone: 01367 252631

Email: info@lechladelibrary.co.uk

Web: www.lechladelibrary.co.uk

Lechlade on Thames Town Council

Phone: 01367 252338

Email: clerk@lechladeonthames.co.uk

Web: www.lechladeonthames.co.uk

Leckhampton with Warden Hill Parish Council

Phone: 01242 465762

Email: clerk@leckhamptonwithwardenhill-pc.gov.uk

Web: leckhamptonwithwardenhill-pc.gov.uk

Leckhampton with Warden Hill Parish Council

Phone: 01242 465762

Email: clerk@leckhamptonwithwardenhill-pc.gov.uk

Web: leckhamptonwithwardenhill-pc.gov.uk

Leonard Stanley Parish Council

Phone: 01453 822287

Email: clerk@leonardstanley-pc.gov.uk

Web: www.leonardstanley-pc.gov.uk

Long Newnton Parish Council

Email: clerk@longnewnton.org.uk

Web: www.longnewnton.org.uk

Longhope Parish Council

Phone: 01594 544456

Email: longhopepc@mail.com

Web: www.longhopeparishcouncil.com

Lydney Town Council

Phone: 01594 842234

Email: town.clerk@lydneytowncouncil.co.uk

Web: www.lydneytowncouncil.co.uk

Maugersbury Parish Council

Email: maugersbury@gmail.com

Web: www.maugersbury.com

Meysey Hampton Parish Council

Phone: 01285 850181

Email: clerkmhpc@hotmail.com

Web: www.meyseyhamptonparishcouncil.wordpress.com

Nailsworth Town Council

Phone: 01453 833592

Web: www.nailsworthtowncouncil.gov.uk

Nailsworth Town Information Centre

Phone: 01453 839222

Email: tic@nailsworthtowncouncil.gov.uk

Web: www.nailsworthtowncouncil.gov.uk

Newent Town Council

Phone: 01531 820638

Email: townclerk@newenttowncouncil.gov.uk

Web: www.newenttowncouncil.gov.uk

Newland Parish Council

Phone: 01594 836454

Email: newland.glos.pc@gmail.com

Web: www.newlandparishcouncil.gov.uk

Newnham on Severn Parish Council

Email: nospc@hotmail.co.uk

Northleach with Eastington Town Council

Phone: 01451 861499

Email: clerk@northleach.gov.uk

Web: www.northleach.gov.uk

Northway Parish Council

Phone: 01684 297938

Email: parish.council@northwaypc.org.uk

Web: www.northwaypc.org.uk

Notgrove Village Meeting

Phone: 01451 850239

Email: harry@notgrove.com

Oxenton Parish Meeting

Email: oxentonparish@gmail.com

Painswick Parish Council

Phone: 01452 812722

Email: clerk@painswick-pc.gov.uk

Web: www.painswick-pc.gov.uk

Prestbury Parish Council

Phone: 01242 575129

Email: parishclerk@prestbury-pc.gov.uk

Web: www.prestbury-pc.gov.uk

Quedgeley Town Council

Phone: 01452 721552

Email: jacqueline.webster@quedgeley-pc.gov.uk

Web: www.quedgeley-pc.gov.uk

Quenington Parish Council

Phone: 01285 750000

Email: queningtonpc@gmail.com

Web: www.queningtonpc@gmail.com

Ruspidge & Soudley Parish Council

Phone: 01594 825343

Email: info@clerkrspc.plus.com

Web: www.rspc.org.uk

Sapperton Parish Council

Phone: 01285 760276

Email: sappertonfmpc@gmail.com

Web: www.sapfmpc.uk

Shurdington Parish Council

Email: shurdingtonpc@gmail.com

Web: www.shurdingtonpc.co.uk

Southrop Parish Council

Email: spcclerk2017@outlook.com

Web: www.southrop.org.uk

Stroud District Council

Phone: 01453 766321

Email: customer.services@stroud.gov.uk

Web: www.stroud.gov.uk

Stroud Town Council

Phone: 01453 762817

Email: council@stroudtown.gov.uk

Web: www.stroudtown.gov.uk

Tetbury Town Council

Phone: 01666 504670

Email: townclerk@tetbury.gov.uk

Web: www.tetbury.gov.uk

Tetbury Visitor Information Centre

Phone: 01666 503552

Email: tourism@tetbury.gov.uk

Web: www.visittetbury.co.uk

Toddington Parish Council

Phone: 01451 850611

Email: clerk.toddingtonpc@gmail.com

Web: www.toddingtonpc-glos.org

Up Hatherley Parish Council

Phone: 01242 527770

Email: uphatherleyparish@gmail.com

Web: www.uphatherleyparish.co.uk

Upper Slaughter Parish Council

Phone: 01452 850611

Email: clerk_upperslaughter@aol.co.uk

Web: www.upperslaughterpc.weebly.com

Westonbirt with Lasborough Parish Council

Phone: 01666 880190

Email: clerk@wwlpc.org.uk

Web: www.wwlpc.org.uk

Wheatpieces Parish Council

Phone: 01684 294576

Email: clerk@wheatpiecesparishcouncil.com

Web: www.wheatpiecesparishcouncil.com

Wilson Art Gallery & Museum incorporating café, shop & TIC

Phone: 01242 387492

Email: info@cheltenhamtrust.org.uk

Web: www.visitcheltenham.com

Woodchester Parish Council

Phone: 01453 873456

Email: clerk@woodchesterparish.org.uk

Web: www.woodchesterparish.org.uk

Woodmancote Parish Council

Phone: 01452 714459

Email: clerk@woodmancoteparishcouncil.com

Web: www.woodmancoteparishcouncil.com

Wotton-under-Edge Heritage Centre

Phone: 01453 521541

Email: wuehistsoc@gmail.com

Web: www.wottonheritage.com

Wotton-under-Edge Town Council

Phone: 01453 843210

Email: towncouncil@wotton-under-edge.com

Web: www.wotton-under-edge.com

Wyck Rissington Parish Council

Phone: 01451 821220

Email: fifield9@btinternet.com

Web: www.wyckrissingtonpc.org.uk

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