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Author: Louise Williams, Posted: Friday, 7th August 2020, 11:10

This year has been such a strange, scary and hopefully changing time for most of us, with the shock floods in the UK, the wildfires in Australia and then the global pandemic that has affected us all.

The one thing that I hope to come out of this is the renewed interest in our beautiful planet and the abundant nature we are blessed with.
Never before have I seen so many posts from friends, neighbours and across social media about the birdsong people can hear in their gardens, the local walks that people have discovered right on their doorsteps, and the wonder of the plants and animals right under our noses.

It would be lovely if something positive could come from this time and we could see lasting changes in our society and the way we eat, shop and get around.

Discover beauty spots and food producers just up the road

Being forced to look to our local area for everything has helped us to discover beauty spots we would have driven past to get to somewhere more popular, and food producers just up the road. Although online shopping has still been popular, with next day delivery enticing people, I hope that the current trend for supporting smaller companies and nearby businesses continues as well.

The influx in people growing their own vegetables and baking their own bread means that children are really learning where the food they put into their bodies comes from, and they are gaining a respect for the work it takes to grow vegetables from scratch.

People have also been stepping away from ‘fast fashion’ and looking for small independent makers when it comes to clothes. We love it as you are able to specify the cut, the fabric choice and the length, and have had some beautiful and very original garments that really last well and get passed on to friends when outgrown. It is also lovely to know that the sale has really meant something to a person!

There has been a new-found love of cycling discovered by many people and talk of cycle paths being put in towns across the country. This could mean a huge drop in car emissions if people continue to feel safe on two wheels, and a far more enjoyable experience when getting around for families who want to take their children out on bikes, which can be a little nerve wracking when the roads are busy.

Commit to keeping local areas clean

If we stay committed to keeping the beauty spots on our doorstep as lovely as they are by not dropping litter and clearing up after our picnics, buying local and in season produce to cut the food miles from our meals, cycling more and working from home where possible, I can only see good things ahead.

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