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Period power

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Author: Hannah Basnett, Posted: Friday, 26th April 2024, 09:00

This is an article for everyone to read! Menstruation isn’t just a female issue; it’s a topic that demands all of our attention and understanding to support women through an incredible cyclical shedding process.

For me, this exemplifies how economic, environmental and social sustainability are intricately linked. When envisioning an environmentally friendly future, we must consider the whole spectrum.

The menstrual cycle ignites my passion! During my university years, I delved deep into the link between the menstrual cycle and clothing consumption for my dissertation. Recently, I felt an electric buzz when I spotted a sign in the doctor’s surgery toilet advocating for menstrual cups, period pants and reusable sanitary pads.

So, why make the change? Let me break it down.

Economically, the average woman shells out £13 a month on menstrual products, totalling £156 a year. With living costs skyrocketing, the absurdity of single-use sanitary products becomes glaringly obvious.

Eradicate frantic dashes to the nearest shop

I’ve embraced the menstrual cup for about five years now. Yes, it may have seemed like a hefty investment when I first purchased an £18 menstrual cup, but let me tell you, it’s been a game-changer! Not only has it saved me a bundle since the initial layout, but it’s also a trusty companion that is always tucked away safely in my handbag, eradicating those frantic dashes to find the nearest shop when I’m caught off guard.

Environmentally, the packaging of menstrual pads and the pads themselves are drowning in plastic. They end up in landfills, leaching hormone-disrupting chemicals into the earth. Over time, they decompose into microplastics and infiltrate the food chain.

Opting for reusable period pants can transform your period into a positive environmental contribution! While the initial investment of reusable underwear is higher than other sustainable alternatives, there are many benefits including comfort, reliability against leaking, and the growing range of designs means you can look good and feel good whilst on your period.

Pay attention to what goes into your body

Socially, women’s health is at stake, with issues like toxic shock syndrome looming large. Most single-use menstrual products contain synthetic fibres notorious for releasing toxins. Plus, if pesticides were used in cotton production, guess where they end up? That’s right, inside you! It’s high time we pay attention to what goes into our bodies, starting with our period products.

Guiding you to where to buy the best alternatives

There are some incredible resources available, such as the Ethical Consumer, which can guide you to where to buy the best alternatives tailored to your needs, as well as which companies to steer clear of on your quest to becoming more environmentally friendly.

Imagine gifting your daughter, granddaughter or best friend something that not only saves them money, but also saves the planet. It’s a win-win!

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