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Cherish memories, not consumption

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Author: Hannah Basnett, Posted: Thursday, 23rd November 2023, 09:00

In today’s fast-paced world, Christmas has drifted away from its Christian roots and morphed into a consumerist extravaganza. The holiday season often turns into a frenzy of excessive shopping, where we buy more than we need in pursuit of short-lived happiness. But what if we could refocus and turn Christmas into an opportunity for creating cherished memories, learning new skills, and fostering a love for the natural world?

An eco-conscious approach to feasting

Festive feasting is undoubtedly a highlight, but before you rush off to the supermarket, it’s essential to consider the environmental impact. Excessive packaging, especially plastic, haunts our planet long after the festive season has passed. Is a plastic-wrapped sweet tin genuinely a treat? With the plastic crisis in mind, it’s high time to think differently.

Support your local zero waste store to source goodies without the excess plastic wrapping. Consider making your own mince pies – a great activity that can involve children, and teach them about the value of a sustainable lifestyle.

When it comes to Christmas dinner, consider your food’s origin. Opt for organic, locally-sourced vegetables and support your local farmers’ market. As for the turkey, ask about its farming practices. Is it a product of industrial agriculture, or does it come from a more sustainable source? Why not try something a bit different and make a vegetable Wellington for your centrepiece this year?

Meaningful gifting

Gift-giving is a cherished Christmas tradition, but it often leads to purchasing items people neither need nor want. This year, let’s shift the focus. Instead of grabbing generic, last-minute presents, create something special. Craft a handmade card or bake some tasty treats for your loved ones. Explore second-hand shops for unique, sustainable gifts.

Consider giving the gift of experience, such as a foraging adventure, a massage session, a natural dyeing workshop, or a wilderness survival day. These gifts not only reduce waste but also enhance the recipient’s connection to the natural world.

Traditional gift wrapping often involves paper that ends up as waste. Consider using reusable gift bags, cloth wraps or old newspapers or magazines with amusing pictures, and encourage your loved ones to save and reuse these materials.

Eco-friendly decorations

Decorations add charm to the festivities, but they often come at an environmental cost. Why not make your own? Your local library’s ‘green together’ and crafts sections are filled with books that teach you how to create beautiful, affordable decorations.

When decorating your home with festive lights, opt for energy-efficient LED bulbs. These consume significantly less electricity and have a longer lifespan, reducing your energy consumption and environmental footprint.

Consider investing in a tree that can be planted in the ground afterward. This sustainable choice allows you to enjoy a living tree year after year. You could also forage your wreath – an activity that gets you out in nature and helps clear your mind during a busy season.

Imagine a Christmas that’s simpler, more heartfelt, and less financially straining. One where you proudly announce, “I made this” or “we did this together”. Instead of being swamped by endless shopping lists and mounting credit card bills, relish the joy of crafting homemade treasures and spending time with loved ones.

This Christmas, let’s shift our focus from consumption to connection, ensuring that the season remains meaningful and sustainable.

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