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A more ethical wardrobe

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Author: Louise Williams, Posted: Tuesday, 25th May 2021, 09:00

As the retail world starts to open up, it can be tempting to rush out and just buy any old clothes that don’t have elasticated waists or fall into the pyjama category after a year of being at home. There are ways to buy and wear more ethically though, so try to avoid fast fashion and think about these ideas instead.

Buy second-hand
High-street shops have re-opened but don’t forget that means so have charity shops! Over the last year many people have been focusing on clearing out their unworn clothes, and there have been weight gains and weight losses so the charity shops are stocked full.

I think the old stereotypes of them being stuffed with moth eaten items from long ago days have gone now, but just in case you’re still wary, you can find some amazing bargains, designer items at a fraction of the cost, high street labels and even clothes with tags on that have never been worn!

Stock can vary between shops so it’s worth taking some time to check out those in your area – some have children’s clothes as well, some only take high end items, etc. You will soon discover your favourites!

It can also be really fun to check out charity shops if you are away somewhere new, especially in very affluent areas as this is where you tend to find the designer items, if that’s what you like.

Ethical fashion
Believe it or not, there are ethical clothing companies! Know The Origin is a good place to look as they only stock brands that adhere to strict guidelines in fair wages and factory safety standards after being shocked at the horrific factory collapse in India that killed so many.

A quick online search with the terms ‘ethical fashion’ and ‘sustainable fashion’ will throw up lots of results that you may never have heard of.

Independent businesses
Look for small home makers. Not only are you helping to support someone and their family directly, in my experience the clothes are often of a far superior quality, the fabric choices are better, you don’t get things like twisted seams, and they wash well, meaning you will get many more wears out of them and be able to pass them on too.

You can also have more of a say in design and have some garments made-to-measure, which means a much better fit. Find them on social media or at local craft fairs and markets.

Clothes swap
Why not join an online swap or sell group – there are many targeted at different styles of clothing. Following guidelines, look at how you could set up a clothes swap with friends too. Something at the back of your wardrobe that you never wear could be exactly what your friend has been looking for and you then have the potential to swap it for something that you really like. This is an affordable way to update your look as it’s all swaps and no postage costs if you live close enough to drop off the items!

Have fun finding fashion items that are less expensive for your pocket and the planet.

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