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Eco-friendly and thoughtful Christmas gift ideas

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Author: Louise Williams, Posted: Thursday, 24th October 2019, 09:00

By now, your thoughts may well be turning to Christmas presents, and perhaps you are wondering what to get for the children in your life or for the person who has everything.

It can be easy to revert to the classics; a new toy for a child, a gadget to open wine for an uncle (who will probably put it in the back of a drawer to be taken to a charity shop in five years’ time), yet another scarf for Granny.

Perhaps though, you could think a little outside the box and come up with some ideas for gifts that will be useful throughout the year and won’t add to any landfills in January.

Here are a few gift ideas we have done over the years. One of the main things I have learnt in life is that people value time together and gifts that facilitate that are so appreciated. For vouchers where people need to choose a date, we tend to draw a voucher and either give the money with it or pay when they choose.

For children

A season pass for a local attraction they like going to, like a farm park, is something that will bring joy year-round. A trip to the cinema, followed by lunch or an ice-cream sundae is always a treat for my two. As is a trip to a fun museum, especially if it’s the gift giver that takes them.

For older recipients

A voucher for an afternoon tea somewhere lovely. A theatre trip with a night in a hotel. A subscription to their favourite magazine. A massage at a lovely spa.

For creatives

A half day course doing some-thing they enjoy – whether that’s floristry, pottery painting, sewing, writing, etc. Often, it’s something people would love to do but don’t make time for without a prompt.

For anyone

Make something. Most people love to receive something that has had a lot of thought or time invested in it. If you can show that you care enough to sit and crochet or knit a hat in their favourite colours, put photos of them in an album or gather together some bits in a box for a film night with popcorn or a relaxing pamper day, it will always be appreciated.

Remember that it really is the thought that counts. There is honestly no need to spend a fortune on a plastic toy that will probably be forgotten about by Boxing Day when the thing that most people love about Christmas is time with the ones they love. And if you can spread that out throughout the year, all the better!

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