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Author: Lily Curle, Posted: Friday, 23rd November 2018, 09:00

Wrag Wrap Wrag Wrap

As Christmas approaches, so does the time where the most joke gifts appear, and the most materials are wasted. Think Christmas crackers, ‘Secret Santa’ and gimmick gifts when you don’t know what to buy for your friends or family.

If you’re trying to find people gifts that they love and that are also good for the planet, then here are some examples of things that you can do and buy to make this festive period a less wasteful one.

Reduce packaging waste

Try using gift bags and boxes instead of wrapping paper this year. While paper gets thrown away or, at best, recycled, gift bags can be used again by your recipient to give a gift to someone else in the future. Reusing materials gives them a longer life before they need to be thrown away or recycled, thus reducing the need for as much material in the first place.

A lot of wrapping paper isn’t recyclable due to having glitter or a plastic film on it. Another alternative is to invest in reusable wrap, which can be used again and again. Wrag Wrap is just one company that sells this type of packaging, and it even keeps the ‘crackling’ sound you get when unwrapping presents.

Avoid gimmick gifts

If you’re unsure of a gift someone would like to receive this holiday season, try teaming up with another person to buy a bigger item for them that won’t get wasted. Perhaps a necklace is too much to buy on your own, but in combination with somebody else it ensures that the recipient gets something they really love instead of two smaller things that are likely to be wasted.

Additionally, try to avoid joke gifts! While it may be tempting to buy somebody a joke present, the materials are wasted if it is never used and put straight in the loft. Maybe take a photo of the joke gift instead and laugh over what you could have bought them, then give them a practical, useful present instead.

Buy eco-friendly presents

As climate change comes back into the news and environmental groups rear their heads once again, there is another push to buy recycled and reusable goods. Almost anything can now be bought made of recycled products, be it a wetsuit, a yoga mat, pencils or a handbag!

It is worth searching a little farther to see if your intended gift comes in a recyclable option, and the person that you are buying for is likely to appreciate the effort that you have put in.

You could also buy them a gift to help them be a little more eco-friendly: try buying a metal straw, bamboo cutlery, a bamboo tooth-brush or beeswax wraps. Buying functional presents is never a bad thing, as many people like having items bought for them that they can actually use, rather than a gimmick. It shows that you care about their day-to-day living, not just that you want to buy them a Christmas themed gift that they’ll only use once a year!

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