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How to make your kitchen more environmentally friendly

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Author: Lois Kingscott, Posted: Wednesday, 22nd August 2018, 09:00

Beeswax wraps (The Beeswax Wrap Co.) Beeswax wraps (The Beeswax Wrap Co.)

Following on from our bathroom article, let’s now have a look at how you can make your kitchen more eco-friendly. Inevitably there will be some cross-over with suggestions – soap and paper towels being the obvious ones. But there are other products you may not have thought of before.

Kitchen cleaning
Many kitchen cleaning utensils are made of or contain plastic, meaning that every time you do the washing up, micro-plastics break off and enter the water system, potentially ending up in the ocean. Wooden cleaning brushes and coconut brushes are great alternatives, and eliminate the risk of micro-plastics harming our wildlife.

Beeswax wraps
These were on the list of our ten easy swaps for everyday plastic items and we have to mention them again because they’re brilliant! Not only do they stop you from using so much cling film or plastic food bags, but they keep your food fresh for much longer. I have a set of 3 at home and will definitely be purchasing more – they’re so handy! Check out www.beeswaxwraps.co.uk – their products are made in Stroud using beeswax from a local bee keeper.

Tea infuser and loose-leaf tea
Though many companies have announced their plans to produce plastic-free teabags going forward, the likelihood is this will take a while to implement fully. We Brits love our tea and get through so much – more than 60 billion cups in 2016 – that it’s definitely worth switching over to a plastic-free alternative. Loose leaf tea brewed in a tea infuser or tea pot allows you to enjoy a cuppa at home or on the go, without the detrimental impact on our planet.

Lunchboxes and cutlery
Making your meals from scratch is a great way of avoiding excess packaging, and is much cheaper than buying a meal deal every day. Nowadays, many lunchboxes come with multiple compartments so you can keep your salad or sandwich separate from your mid-afternoon snack, with everything staying nice and fresh throughout the day. If you already have a healthy selection of Tupperware that you use for transporting food or storing it in the fridge/freezer, keep going with these until they’re no longer of use. There’s no point dumping them in favour of a non-plastic box if they’re still usable.

Another reason to make your own lunch is to avoid plastic cutlery that is given out in supermarkets and takeaway cafés. However, if you do favour eating out from time to time, invest in a reusable cutlery set that you can pop in your bag when done, wash at home and have ready for your next meal out.

Laundry Egg
Your washing machine may not actually live in your kitchen, but it’s an appliance that you probably use at least once a week. A Laundry Egg is an alternative to washing detergents and chemicals, eliminating the need for powder, liquid, tablets and gels, which all come in plastic packaging. The mineral pellets produce a cleaning foam that removes dirt from your laundry, and each wash can cost as little as 3 pence! Check out www.ecoegg.com to find out more about this great little invention.

As we said in our last article, take your time when making environmentally friendly lifestyle changes. Use products until they run out or are of no further use before replacing, and shop around to find items that suit you. You can find kitchen-themed plastic-free product inspiration at www.plasticfreedom.co.uk

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