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Peaky Blinders Series Five: What to expect

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Author: Sam Cook, Posted: Monday, 12th August 2019, 16:30

Cillian Murphy and Paul Anderson will be back as Tommy and Arthur Shelby Cillian Murphy and Paul Anderson will be back as Tommy and Arthur Shelby

Birmingham’s most notorious gang are back on our screens from Sunday 25th August. So what can we expect from series five of the show which creator Steven Knight has said will go on for at least another two seasons?

Here’s a quick reminder of the Shelby family’s story up till now – containing spoilers for the previous seasons of Peaky Blinders.

The Shelbys, led by the second eldest brother Tommy (Cillian Murphy), are well known for their violent ways of dealing with any threats to their family or crime empire, which includes both legal and illegal ventures

In this series, Shelby Company Limited are under threat from Tommy’s new far-right enemy Oswald Mosley (Sam Claflin).

As well as Claflin, there are a few other new faces in the latest series including Anya Taylor-Joy (previously in ‘Split’ and ‘Witch’) who is to play Michael’s (Finn Cole) new love interest.

The youngest of the Shelby brothers, Finn – who is played by Harry Kirton – will be expected to step up and come of age in the new series, especially considering brother John Shelby (Joe Cole) was killed by Luca Changretta’s men in the previous series.

Tom Hardy will also not be returning to the show after his character, eccentric gang leader Alfie Solomons, was shot dead by Tommy after betraying his former ally to Luca Changretta in series four.

Hardy had played a prominent part in the show since he was introduced into the cast in series two as the leader of a rival gang in London.

Other than the absence of Cole and Hardy, it has been confirmed that all other major cast members will be returning for the new series.

That means that we will once again be seeing Paul Anderson return as eldest brother Arthur Shelby, Helen McCrory return as second in command Aunt Polly and, of course, Sophie Rundle return as Tommy’s sister Ada Shelby.

Even though we don’t know the damage series 5 will cause the much-loved TV family, we do know that they will most probably survive, as creator Steven Knight has said that he is working on a sixth and seventh series.

In an interview, he said: “My ambition is to make it a story of a family between two wars, so I’ve always wanted it to end it with the first air raid siren in Birmingham in 1939. It’ll take three more series to get to that point.”

Series five is expected to see Tommy Shelby OBE and family enter the realms of politics, after he was elected to Parliament at the end of series four.

Presumably this is where he meets new enemy Oswald Mosley who, in real life, went on to become the leader of the British Union of Fascists in the 1930s.

Sam Claflin, who plays Mosley, has said that his character is still “very young and inexperienced in many respects but, at the same time, is a lot more experienced than Tommy”.

So it sounds like this new enemy is likely to be more than a match for Tommy and the clan, who will still be recovering from their gruelling battle with the Changrettas and still mourning the death of John.

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