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The Filthy Casuals on their busy year

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Author: Thomas Hadfield, Posted: Thursday, 24th October 2019, 09:00

The Filthy Casuals (L-R) Dan, Max, Sam and Scott The Filthy Casuals (L-R) Dan, Max, Sam and Scott

When The Local Answer last spoke to Gloucester band The Filthy Casuals, they had just released their first single and were preparing for a summer spent gigging.

Almost nine months on, with a second single and music video under their belts, Scott McAlpine, Sam Harris, Max Gregory and Dan Taylor look back on the summer with pride.

“We have had an amazing summer playing a number of local festivals, and 12 gigs between the end of July into September in eight weeks,” said lead singer Sam.

“At one point we did five gigs in eight days which was demanding, but huge fun when you’re doing what you love.”

The band has been performing together since 2017, and they have gained a big following in those two years.

Being in Gloucestershire, well known as ‘the festival county’ due to the high volume of events that run throughout the year, the boys were virtually performing non-stop.

“It’s really hard to pick a single standout event,” continued Dan.

“We had the honour of playing main stage at both Coleford Music festival and Olliefest, both events close to our hearts that support our local communities, so they were special.

“We also played the Beeches Bash where, with three other bands, we helped raise on the night over £6,000 for Cancer Research, which was pretty cool.”

The end of August saw the band also travel to Bristol to play at The Fleece, a venue that in the past has played host to the likes of Radiohead, Nirvana and Oasis, before they made it big.

The boys also played a couple of gigs with Winchcombe-based band Erica, with whom they’ve formed a close relationship.

“We met the Erica guys at last year’s Phoenix Festival and always admired their music, and they’re pretty cool too!” said Max.

“Since then we have supported them twice and are supporting them again in November at an event they are putting on at Croft Farm near Tewkesbury.

“I think when you get to support such a well-established and popular band who have played in all the places you are aspiring to then you can’t fail to learn from them. We have become friends too which is extra special and playing with them has helped broaden our fan base with some ‘Ericans’ (Erica fans) too so we are grateful to them for getting behind us.”

After the release of their debut single ‘No Hurry’ in February, the boys quickly followed up with their second original single ‘Be Wild Be Free’, which were both played on BBC Radio Gloucestershire, with the band also being interviewed by presenter Jon Smith.

They couldn’t be happier with how each track has been received.

Lead guitarist Scott said: “Both tracks have had over 24,000 streams between them on Spotify alone, so we are thrilled with the response we have had.

“It’s important to us that when you listen to our songs on the radio they also sound the same live and that has been the feedback we have had so that’s really pleasing. We are a live guitar band and that’s something we are collectively passionate about.”

‘Be Wild Be Free’ was also the song chosen for the subject of The Filthy Casuals’ first ever music video.

“We were kindly offered the Grand Pier at Weston Super mare for free by the owners so we jumped at the opportunity to use it,” said Dan.

“Unfortunately, on the day it was raining so we couldn’t get on the beach and do exactly what we wanted but the main message was to show people we were having fun and hopefully we got that across. Sam East produced the video – he has worked with a number of young bands before and did a great job for us.”

And after a busy summer, the colder months are set to be just as busy, as the boys return to the reality that many teenagers face.

“2020 will be a few less gigs than 2019 just because we need to focus on A levels and college,” said Scott.

“We will of course be doing the odd local gig to try out new songs ready for the festivals so we will still be around and hope people come out to see us.

“We’ve already been contacted by some big festivals to perform at in 2020 so that is really exciting. Next year will be a bit more about quality than quantity.

“We would love to thank everyone who booked us or came to see us. It means a lot and made 2019 memorable beyond words. We are excited about 2020 and our new music so stay with us, as we’re only just getting started.”

To keep up to date with The Filthy Casuals visit www.facebook.com/thefilthycasuals2017

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