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Katie Fforde releases new novel

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Author: Thomas Hadfield, Posted: Wednesday, 29th January 2020, 09:00

Katie Fforde Katie Fforde

Prolific novelist and Cotswolds local Katie Fforde has been writing for over 25 years.

A Sunday Times bestseller, she specialises in stories based around women with interesting or unusual professions, from perfume makers to auctioneers.

However, Katie’s novels all have something in common, in that they are all romantic stories – and it’s a genre she says she has always felt passionately about.

“I think I love writing romantic fiction because I think falling in love can be the best – and the worst – experience most of us go through,” she said.

“Wanting to find a partner is a universal feeling. I find the prospect exciting and exhilarating. I’ve been married for a very long time so I can only experience this through the pages of the book I’m writing – or indeed reading!

“I have fairly wide reading tastes but feel even the tightest psychological thriller is better with a bit of romance in it.”

Her latest book, ‘A Springtime Affair’, tells the story of B&B owner Gilly and her daughter Helena.

“A Springtime Affair is about a mother and daughter who both have changes in their lives to deal with,” continued Katie.

“I don’t know why I haven’t written about a mother and daughter before as I think it is a fascinating relationship. There were a few other inspirations, as I have with every book, but I hope they turn into a story when put together.”

Katie, who is also a member of Stroud choir the Thames Head Singers, has written a book nearly every year since 1995.

But even with over 25 successful novels to her name, Katie says she still feels nerves around publication time.

She said: “I always feel anxious before the release of a new book. Before it appears the new book can be like the biggest, shiniest Christmas present under the tree.

“You really don’t want your readers to feel it was a big box of nothing when they open it. I do hope I remain consistent although it’s not for me to say if I do or not.

“People are always going to have favourites but the words I dread are ‘I used to like her books but she’s gone off lately’! I have to trust my editor to make sure that doesn’t happen.”

‘A Springtime Affair’ is due for release on Thursday 20th February.

And Katie says the next project is already underway.

“Yes, there is another book in the works,” she added. “It’s always hard setting off on another long journey, but so far, word by word, line by line, we’ve got there!”

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A Springtime Affair, Katie Fforde, Century, £14.99, out on 20th February and available to preorder now.

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