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Game review: Gran Turismo Sport

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Author: Patrick Baines, Posted: Thursday, 26th April 2018, 10:40

In 1997, Gran Turismo was released on the original Playstation. The game was a huge success, hailed for its breakthrough graphics and playability.

Over two decades on and the latest in a long line of Gran Turismo games has hit the shelves.

There are lots of original features in GT Sport, but the new game’s gorgeous graphics are what you’ll notice first. This is a game that really lends itself to an enormous widescreen television; I’ve played many driving games but none as visually impressive as this one.

GT Sport brings 162 cars and 27 track layouts to the PS4. If you fancy taking to the wheel of a Lamborghini Diablo GT, McLaren F1 or a Toyota 2000GT, but don’t have a million pounds in your bank account, this game is the next best thing.

As soon as you start playing, it’s clear that GT Sport is going to be one of the most ambitious racing games ever made. The graphics, the sounds and the gameplay are a real treat. The attention to detail is staggering – for example, looking to the rear when you’re in cockpit view forces you to look through the back window. It’s small touches like that which really elevate a game.

Arcade mode is where you complete single races, time trials, drift trials and split-screen races. Campaign mode is where most players head towards for the most fun in GT Sport. In this latest Gran Turismo game it’s split into a driving school, like the old license tests with multiple mission challenges where you have to complete tasks. I’m by no means a talented gamer but I was surprised at how simple the early challenges were.

GT Sport is a satisfying racer with plenty of depth and atmosphere, stunning visuals and sounds that are so impressive, you forget you are playing a games console.

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