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Platform Seven by Louise Doughty

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Author: Willow Tonks, Posted: Monday, 23rd March 2020, 09:00

Louise Doughty, award winning author of ‘Apple Tree Yard’, returns with her latest novel ‘Platform Seven’.

The gripping mystery deals with destructive relationships and their consequences in a tense and immersive plot that keeps you gripped until the final page.

The book opens at 4am in Peterborough Railway Station, the freezing cold train platform is quiet and still at this hour as the regular commuters are still tucked up in their beds.

A man walks with conviction towards platform seven, not a single soul is around to witness what is about to happen – that is, except Lisa Evans.

Powerless to stop him, he walks towards the edge of the platform as a freight train thunders through the station and within a split second, his life is over. Lisa was the first of the two to die, with just eighteen months separating their deaths, could there be a connection?

Lisa cannot remember the circumstances surrounding her untimely death, her ghost is trapped within the confines of the station observing the busy lives of those rushing around her.

As investigations take place into the man’s suicide, Lisa is drawn into discovering what happened to her in, supposedly, such similar circumstances.

As Lisa’s story unravels, we learn of her dark relationship with Dr Matthew Goodison and discover the reasons behind her tragic death and how she came to be on platform seven on that fateful night eighteen months beforehand.

The novel is beautifully written and Louise Doughty describes the locations and characters with such lifelike brilliance that you feel as if you are within the story yourself. A chilling portrayal of manipulation, possession, love and loss, ‘Platform Seven’ is a must-read.

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