About Us

Our Objective

To serve our advertisers and readers by delivering unrivalled print and online coverage of products, services and events in your location and nearby.

Developing and nurturing long-standing relationships with our customers is of paramount importance. We are ever-mindful of the need to deliver a cost-effective, professional and courteous service – the longevity of our relationships with customers depends on them achieving a ‘return on investment’ and enjoying the process.

We will constantly strive to improve every aspect of interaction with our products and people for readers and advertisers.

We will expand our entire business activity to deliver the benefits of our products and services to a growing audience.

The Local Answer Team

We currently employ over 200 people – the vast majority being part-time distributors of the printed magazines. A group of professionals, headed by managing director Dave Kingscott, perform the sales, design, web, accountancy and logistical management to ensure all printed and online services are of the highest possible standard. Current members of this core team can be seen on our ‘Contact’ page. Our planned expansion will see other skilled staff regularly joining the company.